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Gutturnio Frizzante
Gutturnio Superiore
Barbera Frizzante
Bonarda Frizzante
Riserva del Podere
Ercolino Rosato
Ortrugo Frizzante
Malvasia Frizzante
Ortrugo Fermo
Gabar Spumante di qualita'
Oro Dolce Malvasia dell'Emilia
Gaio Spumante di qualita'
RICO Spumante brut "Millesimato"
Reliquia del Podere Passito Rosso
Vecchia Vigna Passito Bianco
Bonarda Frizzante
Controlled designation of origin

Type: dry sparkling red wine
Vineyard: Croatina
Grade: 12,5 % vol.
Tasting notes: vivid, purple red colour, the flavour is dry, vinous, balanced and sparkling, with a well- defined and decisively fruity bouquet led by clear notes of blackberry and blackcurrant

Serving suggestions: ideal accompaniment to pasta, grilled meat, grilled pork, game and cheese

Serving temperature: 14-16°C