The history of Podere Gaiaschi starts in the early’30s when Gabriele’s Grandfather merged two small farms: Roncona and Cà di Sotto. The passion for farming that was handed down in the family also influenced Gabriele, so in 1999 he decided to continue developing the wineyard and winery activities. In 2008 Gabriele and his wife Monica decided to name the farm “Podere Gaiaschi”, and the covered the old stable of Cà di Sotto into a modern winery so as to produce excellent wine focusing on the specific types of grapes and quality of their products. Now Gabriele and Monica run a 35 Hectare farm,of wich 5 are vineyards. The choice of the most suitable grape varieties for their soil, a favorable exposure to the sun, a low yield per hectare, associated with the careful selection of grapes during harvest, all handpicked permits then obtain valuable and genuine wines.